Machinery for packaging cardboard and shrink, palletizing robots, sealing, packaging, microwave equipment for drying, disinfection, sterilization, in continuous processes. Special Projects and more. In Sistemas RBT we design and manufacture of  industrial machinery for sectors as diverse as:  Food, feed, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, glass,  plaster manufacturing, oil, silicon manipulated  processes, new technologies, etc. ...   Our system design and development of  machinery allows us to practically every sector of the  industrial landscape.   The quality policy of Sistemas RBT, has the  objective of remain at the forefront of the companies  in its sector, with regard to technical and  development services, to ensure that the results are  satisfactory both for clients as for their employees.   This overall objective is based on the quality  policy, defined and promoted from the direction,  assuming commitments reviewed periodically, to  comply, and to require and monitor compliance  throughout the company.